Study Leave

Trainee doctors and dentists can apply for funded study leave. The Scotland Deanery operates a national process and system to ensure that all applications for study leave are considered on a fair, equitable, and consistent basis.

The process for study leave application is as follows:

Please note the following:
  • Trainees have a Notional Annual Allocation (NAA), and study leave will only be funded to this level. No matter what expenses are initially “approved” by the Deputy TPD; travel, accommodation and subsistence will be capped at the levels quoted in the Operational Guide
  • Expenses forms MUST be submitted within three months of the study leave being taken; however, any forms submitted after 31st March will automatically be reckoned against the following year’s NAA
  • The School does not support exam courses (aimed at written, OSCE or SOE) outside Scotland, unless a trainee is in extended time for failure to pass an exam
  • Applications for up to five days of private study leave for the Primary and the Final FRCA are acceptable (at the discretion of the service); however, please note this is “per exam as a whole” and not “per sitting” (e.g. if one week of private study leave is taken for the written Primary, no further private study leave will be approved for the OSCE/SOE and/or any further sittings)
  • When applying for a “multi-day” course (eg WOSSA Primary & Final FRCA Courses) please only submit one Turas application (with associated expenses) for the first day of the course. While we do not need a separate Turas request for every individual day, the service will still require the dates to be approved for local rota purposes.