ARCP Documents on LLP

Submission Guide

A Trainee Guide to completing ARCP submission on "Lifelong Learning Platform"
A Trainee Guide to completing ARCP submission on Lifelong Learning Platform (LLP)

The following documents will be required

  1. Educational supervisor report
    The basis of the ARCP is the ESSR which is created in LLP.
    The ESSR is initiated from your LLP account. You must create new ESSR from the development section. As it is possible to have more than one ESSR open in LLP, it must be named so it can easily be identified. Please title “ESSR- ARCP (month of submission)”
    The ESSR must have a start date of your last ARCP so that all relevant information is collated.
    Sufficient time must be given to allow both your Educational Supervisor and College Tutor time to review.
  2. Logbook
    You will need to supply annual and cumulative logbook summaries. If you are using the Logbook embedded in LLP, then PDF summary pages can be easily generated and uploaded. If you are using another logbook program, the information should be transcribed to the WOSSA logbook summary document. (see below) When logbook summaries are uploaded they should be titled “Annual Logbook Summary” and “Cumulative Logbook Summary”. Upload via new personal activity and record activity type as “ARCP documents/Form R”. (this makes them easy to locate during the ARCP process) Further logbook guidance is available below.
  3. CV
    The CV contains all the information on Audit/QI and teaching activity which is required to show attainment of the competencies in Annex G of the 2010 curriculum and can help evidence the GPC Domains of the 2021 Curriculum. It also has a list of rotations and placements which will need to be kept accurate and up to date. This should be uploaded to the CV area of LLP which is found in “Your Profile”, which is accessed by clicking on your name on LLP.
  4. MSF, Consultant feedback and trainee feedback on posts.
    These should be linked to the relevant sections on the ESSR.
    Any MSF generated via LLP will automatically link to the ESSR.
    MSF collected from any other source (i.e. ICM MSF) and consultant feedback forms should be uploaded as a Personal Activity and activity type recorded as “consultant feedback”. MTRs will be created by your ES on LLP and will automatically link to ESSR
    The trainee evaluation of post should be clearly titled and activity type recorded as “ARCP documents/form R”.
  5. SOAR declarations and Questback.
    Please follow instructions given from Kathleen Forsyth or Alan Summers for how SOAR declarations and absence (Questback) need to be submitted.
  6. EDT Log
    Upload to the Form R Section 14 of the ESSR

Logbook Guide and Summaries

Logbook Guide

Logbook Guide and Summaries

WoSSA have adopted the LLP logbook summary as the standard for ARCP. You will still be required to produce an annual logbook summary along with a cumulative logbook summary each year. How this is produced will depend on how you keep your logbook records.
It will be clear that the easiest way to produce these summaries will be to use the Lifelong Learning logbook and that is the method we would recommend.
However, many of you will be keeping logbooks already and may choose to continue to use these. Details below will explain how annual summaries should be produced.

Each ARCP will require 2 summary documents

These can be produced by 2 methods


  1. I am new to anaesthetic training and am using the LLP logbook:
    Produce an annual report filtered by dates since last ARCP (name document “annual logbook”) and a second summary report filtered by start of anaesthetic training dates (name document “cumulative logbook”). You will then need to upload these documents to your ARCP record. If you are in CT1, both these reports will be the same, they will be different in subsequent years
  2. I have an existing logbook but have now moved to LLP and am using that as my current logbook:
    Produce an annual logbook document from LLP by filtering dates for ARCP year. Name this document Annual logbook. Use new WoSSA template to produce cumulative logbook based on your existing logbook or logbook summary.
    In subsequent years you will still need to manually update the cumulative logbook document, but as it will match your new annual logbook summary it should be a straightforward process.
  3. I am using an alternative logbook and want to keep using this format:
    You will still need to produce an annual and cumulative logbook summary and for consistency will ask that this is produced using the new WoSSA templates. As the summary is based on the RCOA LLP logbook summary, many 3rd party logbooks may produce a very similar summary. It should be easy to copy the required information onto the WoSSA template.

Annual Logbook Summary (docx)
Cumulative Logbook Summary (docx)

CV & Evaluation Form

CV (docx)
Trainee Evaluation of Post (docx)


EDT Guidelines
EDT LOG (docx)