Obstetric Anaesthesia


Dedicated blocks during all three levels of training. Basic level training requires the completion of two components: the Initial Assessment of Competence in Obstetric Anaesthesia (IACOA) which requires 12 assessments (A-CEX x 3, DOPS x 3, CBD x 6); and completion of all the CCLOs (A-CEX x 1, DOPS x 1, CBD x 1, and the CUT form).

Obstetric anaesthesia Advanced Training Post

There are two Obstetric Anaesthesia posts which form part of the West of Scotland Training Programme in Anaesthesia, have training approval from the Royal College of Anaesthetists and will conform to the formal training guidelines laid out in the College documents. The posts will involve rotations to the various maternity units in the West of Scotland.

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