Academic Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine

Academic Department of Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine is located on the 2nd Floor, New Lister Building, Glasgow Royal Infirmary, 8-16 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow, G31 2ER.

  • Clinical Research Methodology Course
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    West of Scotland Academic Opportunities

    The idea of taking part in research can be daunting for many people. Some fear ‘they aren’t intelligent enough’ or don’t have an immediate idea to pursue. However, if you are inquisitive, complete tasks, would like to do something a bit different then you should consider it. We have a range of consultants who supervise research trainees in a variety of topics who can help come up with something that interests you.

    There are lots of opportunities to try your hand at research and whilst many research trainees will complete an MD or PhD, there is the option to do a taught masters degree or a teaching masters degree. There is no funding for any of these degrees, however, if you undertake it at UoG you will get a staff discount when employed as a research fellow.

    As part of your academic training you will be able to complete the research HALO at all stages! You will improve your skills in:

    1. Critical appraisal
    2. Presentation and powerpoint preparation
    3. Research ethics and good clinical practice
    4. GDPR and data handling
    5. Statistical methods and interpretation of statistics
    6. Scientific writing skills
    7. Publishing papers

    There are ‘natural’ breaks in a career when it is easier to undertake a period of research and they are

    1. After FY2
    2. Between ST3 and ST4 (often the best time as you have some clinical experience)
    3. As an OOP activity at a time that is in agreement with the training committee (usually ST 6 or 7).

    As an academic group we can accommodate all aspects of clinical research within anaesthesia, perioperative medicine and critical care. The interests can include everything from basic science to ‘big data’ as well as bedside research.
    We have 9 research fellow posts available which are 50% clinical and 50% research. They are initially for 1 year but extended by mutual agreement. They start in August or February every year.

    The post are placed in: