Intensive Care Medicine

Intensive Care Medicine
Dr Katherine MacDowall
Regional Advisor in Intensive Care Medicine
Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
Department of Anaesthetics and Intensive Care
Queen Elizabeth University Hospital
1543 Govan Road
Glasgow G51 4TF
Stage 1 Training

There is an expectation for trainees to undertake 6 months in total of Intensive Care Medicine training in Stage 1 Anaesthesia. An initial 3 month block is usually undertaken at the end of CT1 or beginning of CT2. A second 3 month block providing more experience is usually timed for CT3. ACCS trainees will undertake a block of 6 months duration usually in CT2. Further information can be found in the ACCS handbook.

The minimum number of assessments over the course of 3 months basic training is MSF x1, DOPS x3, CEX x2, CBD x1.

Before starting this block it is useful to work through the induction tutorials on the Scottish Intensive Care Society website.

Stage 2 Training

A 3 month unit of training in ST4/5, which expands on Basic level training. The minimum number of assessments over the course of 3 months Stage 2 training is MSF x1, DOPS x1, CEX x1, CBD x1, ACAT x1

Higher Training in 2010 Curriculum

A 3 month unit of training usually in ST5/6, leading to a more in depth knowledge of and skill set for intensive care. The minimum number of assessments over the course of 3 months higher training is MSF x1, DOPS x1, CEX x1, CBD x1, ACAT x1


Trainees with a special interest in Intensive Care Medicine can train in both ICM and a partner specialty. Entry to the ICM training programme is at ST4 level and all appointments are made through national UK recruitment and the West Midlands Deanery. Dual training is also available to trainees already appointed to a National Training Number (NTN) in any of the five agreed partner specialties - anaesthesia, renal medicine, respiratory medicine, emergency medicine or acute medicine. Dual Training in ICM and Anaesthesia allows the successful applicant to train towards two CCTs. Trainees are eligible to apply to add ICM training to their Anaesthetic training programme as long as the interview falls before the end of their ST5 year in Anaesthesia.,

Further information about application is best sought from the RA in ICM in West of Scotland, Dr Kathy MacDowall

For information regarding the programme itself contact the TPD in ICM, West of Scotland, Dr Catriona MacNeil

It is possible currently to undertake 6 months of ICM training as part of your advanced anaesthetic year. This is at the discretion of the training committee as it does depend on availability of training slots in units recognised for advanced training. This is a more senior block of ICM training where it is expected that those with an interest in intensive care medicine forming part of a consultant post in the future would learn to take on a more senior role. This needs to be planned in advance and approval sought from the Anaesthetic Training committee. Please contact Dr Katherine MacDowall along with Dr Jonathan McGhie, Anaesthetic TPD and Dr Malcolm Smith, Anaesthetic RA if this is of interest.

For information on general aspects of ICM training contact your local FICM Tutor