JET5 Library Plus

This is a shared resource for JET5 Solo users. A curated set of documents and apps, some produced by JET5, others taken from the current JET5 document library in the Rota System, and edited to take advantage of our bespoke library platform.

Library+ documents can contain flexible and complex flow-diagrams, a wide variety of graphs and charts, and links to apps and webpages. The documents here are intended to complement the document libraries provided by your employer. However, library+ documents are uniquely flexible and able to present information in ways that are time-consuming and cumbersome to produce using standard hospital-based document formats. They are responsive (ie designed to display well on all devices). The library is searchable.

If you have a document, or information, that you feel is suitable to be included here, please forward it to us. We will reformat it to the house style, add features as appropriate, and publish it in Library+.