A personal leave diary for anaesthetists featuring JET5's easy-to-use year-planner. Leave you already have in JET5 Rota is automatically included. Sign-in with your JET5 details.

JET5 Diary allows you to maintain a secure diary of your leave (all types), your job-plan (including changes over time), and worked non-jobplanned sessions (paid and unpaid). Local public holiday data is maintained by the JET5 team.

For any of you currently considering setting up a spreadsheet to track your personal leave ... it's probably more of a faff than you realise—welcome!

What does it do?

The leave rules implemented in JET5 Diary were defined by the QEUH Anaesthetic Dept in 2015 and confirmed in all details by HR at that time. They are complex and it took some time to develop the code that allowed them to integrate seamlessly with JET5's unique, full-featured Rostering System.

The JET5 diary automatically calculates your leave correctly taking into account the following:


A significant amount of work went in to writing, testing, and debugging the code that currently performs leave and integrated job-planning calculations for the JET5 Rota system. We are proud of JET5 Rota's record in supporting anaesthetic dept leave at the QEUH since the hospital opened in 2015. This bespoke code now forms the backbone of this unique and comprehensive Leave Diary which we can offer to all anaesthetic staff at QEUH and to all trainees in the West of Scotland School of Anaesthesia.

As with JET5 Rostering your data is hosted in the UK on a business-class server and is secure and automatically backed up daily. As many of you know JET5 has many years experience running a large, full-featured rota system tightly integrated with bespoke leave code. We have now repurposed the leave, job-planning, and other key modules here as a stand-alone Diary.