Working my socks off as usual :) John Crawford
Daphne Varveris Are you free to give me a hand?
I might need some help here. This guy's going off big-time no matter what I do. Kenny Pollock
John Crawford Hey, what are you all doing right now? The game's started and it's all hands on deck. Let's move it!
Now Chest drain inserted
t-3 Tracheal intubation
t-18 500mL iv bolus HMNs
t-20 A&E, Primary survey, IV, FM O2
RESP: FM O2, RR 22, Sat 91% CIRC: HR 103, BP 76 / 34 CNS+: Responds to speech, 35.2°C
PERFORM Tracheal intubationNeedle aspiration pleuraChest drainCardiac paracentesisArterial lineCentral venous lineDC Shock
DRUG BOLUS adrenaline500mcg atropine600mcg ephedrine3mg fentanyl50mcg100mcg500mcg labetalol5mg metaraminol0.5mg midazolam1mg5mg naloxone40mg propofol40mg100mg200mg rocuronium10mg40mg sugammadex200mg tranexamic_a1g
DRUG INFUSION metaraminol20mg/hstop
FLUIDS STAT Hmn2005001000 Gelofusine500 RCC1u ClottingRxPlateletsFFP
FLUIDS INFUSION Hmn50mL/h200mL/h500mL/hstop
TAKE PATIENT TO A&ECTHDU TheatreOrthoGeneralVascThoracic

A&E 10 bays

CT Scanner

Theatres 1-3

Ward / HDU / ICU

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